Posted by Peace L. on Yelp!:

“My life would have been so much easier if had I found this full service honest, professional and great locksmith many many months ago. Do yourself a favor if you need to buy a new lock, install a new lock or duplicate keys, you would be well advised to get help from the team at this shop. You will save yourself lots of frustrations, time and money, even if you are good at DIY projects, by reaching out to the good folks at Foothill Locksmiths.

If you need to buy a residential replacement lock system that has been discontinued, this is the shop you want to come to and ask for Felix who can help track down a new lock system that will closely match your dated (and likely inoperable) lock system.

Long story short, I found this locksmith after asking one of my neighbors at The Meridien Court where he got his new lockset. Every one of my neighbors should come to this locksmith to buy replacement locks for their front doors because the original locks that the Developer installed have been discontinued for decades!

I tried to install locks I bought from Home Depot and Lowe’s — I spent days drilling on my 20 plus year old door, to no avail.  None of the locks from Home Depot and Lowe’s fit, even after I enlarged the existing holes. (Some DIY I am, eh!)

So, today, a licensed locksmith from Foothill Locksmiths came to my house and installed the new lockset (I couldn’t do it because the cylinder would not fit).  The tech had to cut out some wood with professional grade tools. He installed the lockset perfectly; he was professional, courteous and knew his stuff, just like everyone I dealt with at the shop.

They also made custom face plates and installed them to hide the mistakes I made!  Excellent work! 

Prices are reasonable.  These guys are straight shooters!

They have tons of blank keys to make duplicates.”